Luke Speedy-Hutton Composer

Luke Hutton

Welcome to the official homepage of the
Australian composer Luke Speedy-Hutton.

Fern Hill
"a luminous reverberation of overlapping sonic expansions"
Paul Nolan - Sydney Arts Guide, 28th August 2017

"The emotion evoked by this beautiful setting left the audience...moved"
Helen Lyth- The Choral Grapevine, 28th August 2017

"Luke Hutton’s accompaniment skillfully adds atmosphere
without stealing the spotlight
Paige Mulholand-, 20th February 2016

"More challenging and very successful was Luke Hutton's Unspoken
that complexly blended two famously undelivered speeches...
Martin Duffy- The Age, 24th March 2015

Piano Trio No. 1
"...But the innovation came in Luke Hutton's active Piano Trio, winner
of the Anima Mundi's 2012 Composition Prize. This freshly minted
work in one movement has a clever individuality, the young composer's
language an amalgam of originality and suggestions of other writers
too subtle to be called pastiche; a striking work, welcome for its
infectious optimism.
Clive O'Connell - The Age, 13th November 2012

"...BRAVO! A most intriguing and dramatic work...a SPLENDID and
much-needed addition to Australian music."

Christine Beasley - Shaolhaven Eisteddfod, 4th August 2012