Luke Speedy-Hutton Composer

Luke Speedy-Hutton (formerly Luke Hutton) is a Melbourne based composer, who recently completed a Masters in Composition at the University of Melbourne under Elliott Gyger. Luke has composed for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Chamber choir, Syzygy Ensemble, the Meld Ensemble (which he formed and played in) as well as many other solo and group performers. His music has been played and broadcast across Australia, Europe and Asia.

Luke has received a number of grants and awards including an Australia Council for the Arts' ArtStart Grant which he used organise recordings with Syzygy Ensemble as well as to study under Australian Composer David Chisholm, the Trio Anima Mundi Composition Prize with his piece Piano Trio No. 1, and the Lionel Gell Foundation Scholarship.

Luke’s music is influenced by composers such as Schnittke, Shostakovich and Ligeti. He also has a particular passion for mixing styles, combining known and popular genres and ideas with more esoteric ones. In his music, he likes to explore ideas relating to the inner thoughts people experience. This can lead to serious, reflective music, but also lighter, more humourous music that plays with the disconnect between internal thoughts and how one presents themselves. He also has a great interest in exploring the relationship between composer, performer and audience. Luke has written for orchestra, choir and music theatre, but is most drawn to smaller ensembles where he can explore the personalities of individual performers.

Luke is also the assistant orchestra librarian for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, works as a pianist for a number of chamber ensembles, teaches both piano and music theory and is a current member of the Australian Chamber Choir. In 2017, Luke was chosen as the Zelman Symphony/University of Melbourne Emerging Composer, with his work performed by them in May, and was also commissioned to write for the Australian Chamber Choir, who performed Fern Hill throughout Europe and Australia.